A short time ago in a nightclub near you…

BASS STATIONIn full stereo

A NEW HOPE FOR music kind

It is a period of music love.

Lets just face it, Bass Station is a Classic Melbourne Icon. ... Bass Station is at Chasers Nightclub.

Bass Station is recognised across the globe as Australia's Number 1 underground hard dance techno club. Now with legendary club nights all around the world. "Things to Come".

Augmented interactive AI interactive programming.

New original music releases, live music events with AI augmentaion.

So how does it work? Well, it's fairly simple. We have an amazing global group of volunteers, artists, proffesionals and nightclub intergrated relationships.

Inside, we have another absolutely-positioned event coming very soon

You will probably need to check the Bass Station Facebook page every so often to find out new ticket releases.

Keep it locked BASS SATTION presented by soundofnow…

Bass have the force, Luke!

Supported by KissFM TrippleJ

You're welcome to contact us about future events

Bass Station/

and give us a shout on Twitter @bassstation – I'd love to see there!

Big thanks to all involved at BASS STATION